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Soil Testing Instruments

SOIL 131
Load Frame Bench Mounting Type (Motorized) Single Speed
Capacity 5000 Kgf. This is a portable load frame, which can easily be kept on Laboratory bench. Thus it is very convenient to the user to conduct tests. A motorized screw jack is fixed at the base to which ate fixed two vertical pillars, which can be easily dismantled. A circular platen of 150 mm dia is fixed to the lead screw and loading and unloading is effected by upward / downward movement of the lead screw using a forward / reverse switch. The cross head is adjustable at any desired height and pillars. The rate of strain is constant 1.25 mm/min. Operates on 230 Volts A.C.
SOIL 132
Load Frame (Motorized) With 3 Speeds
Capacity 5000 Kgf. Same as above but provided with 3 rates strains 1.25 mm/min., 1.5 mm/min., & 2.5 mm/min.
SOIL 133
Load Frame (Motorized) With 30 Speeds
Capacity 5000 Kgf. Same as above but fitted with a turret box to give 30 rates of strain for 6.0 mm/min to 0.00048 mm/min
SOIL 134
Load Truss
The Truss is of welded 1- girder construction in two halves, which can be bolted together when required. The lower chord, the crosspieces for holding the truss down and the vertical thrust members are all of welded box type construction with two channels enclosing and welded to an I-girder. They consist of semi cylindrical pieces each held down by 3 feet long steel spikes driven in through holes drilled in the semi cylinder. The spikes enter the ground at about 60 degree to the horizontal, four from each side spaced along the length of the anchorage. The crosspieces are moored to the anchorages by channel straps and bolts. Guy wires with turn-buckles are supplied to keep the truss erect.
Available in following capacities:
20 TONNE CAPACITY having 8 anchorages and spikes.
30 TONNE CAPACITY having 12 anchorages and spikes.
50 TONNE CAPACITY having 16 anchorages and spikes.
SOIL 135
Marsh Cone
This cone is used to find out Viscosity of Bentinite slurry and like material. The Marsh Cone is 6 inch in diameter at the top and 12 inch long, and tapers to join a tube 2 inch long and 3/16 inch inside dia. The capacity of the funnel is 1500 cc. Time in seconds required to flow out 1000 cc of slurry from cone is measured as funnel viscosity of the material.
SOIL 136
Abbott Compaction Apparatus
This is used for rapid determination of moisture content dry density relation using a constant weight of dry soil passing through 75 micrometer IS sieve
It consists of a metal cylindrical tube having 50 mm I.D. and 435 mm height; a detachable base plate and a cap are provided for this tube. 8 nos. 1.5 mm dia holes equally spaced are drilled at a height of 100 mm from the base of the tube. a metal rammer 48 mm dia x 48.5 mm in height is attached to a metallic rod with knob, so as to have a combined height of about 550 mm and a total weight of 2.6 kg. This rammer is adjusted for a free fall of 310 mm. The graduations in millimeters and centimeters are marked on this rod, to coincide the zero (0) of the scale with the cpa of tube. Graduation are marked downward 0 to 8 cm with millimeter divisions. The also plate has internal diameter of 50 mm with OD of 140 mm and height of 25 mm is supplied with flange and wing nuts for easily introducing soil sample and removing it.

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