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Soil Testing Instruments

SOIL 101
Brazilian Test Apparatus
The instrument is useful for testing specimen from 50mm dia to 100mm dia and of thickness of half the diameter. The specimen is held on circular jaws, this is primarily similar to a compression Machine and consists of a small load frame having sturdy base with two vertical threaded rods and an adjustable cross head. The hydrualic jack is fitted at the centre of the base of the load frame. The jack of the load frame is self retracting and two plain platens are supplied. A pressure gauge capacity 0-200 KN x 2 KN is fixed at the base of jack. A maximum pointer is also provided on the gauge, a pair of semi-circular plattens for 50mm dia samples also provided. This instrument can be used in field also.
Optional Extras: Pairs of jaws for sample dia (a) 60mm (b) 70mm (c) 80mm (d) 90mm (e) 100mm.
SOIL 102
California Bearing Ratio Test (Field Type)
To know C.B.R. Values insitu, it is useful in determining the load carrying capacity in the field when in-place density and water contents are such that the degree of saturation is 80 % or greater, when material is cohensionless and coarse grained, such that it is not effected by changes in water contents and when the material has been in-place for considerable time. The loading is effected by means of a mechanical load frames which can be fixed to the under side of a truck.
Consists of a mechanical screw loading jack, 10,000 kg. capacity with U-bracket and swivel head. Penetration piston, 50 mm dia. threaded at the upper end. Extension rods consisting of 2 lengths 5 cm. 2 lengths 10 cm., 1 length 30 cm.,1 length 50 cm., and 1 length 100 cm., used as spacers between the proving ring and penetration piston. The lengths are machined from steel tubing. Connector set, has eight connectors for coupling the penetration piston and proving ring assembly either directly or through extension pieces. Dial gauge support of seamless pipe construction. It stands 30 cm high and 45 cm wide at the base. Provided with a quick release screw type clamp capable of sliding and locking anywhere along 2 meter length of the bridge. Supplied with annular metal weight 5 kg., 250 mm dia with 53 mm dia central hole, Slotted metal weight 5 kg., 215 mm to 250 mm dia with 53 mm dia slot, 2 Nos. Slotted metal weights, 10 kg., 215 mm to 250 mm dia with 53 dia slot 2 Nos.

Accessories : Dial guage 0.01mm x 25mm. High sensitivity Proving Ring 5000kg. capacity with calibration chart and carrying case.
SOIL 103
California Bearing Ratio Test (Hand Operated)
The equipment consists one each of the following: Load frame, Hand operated, Capacity 5000kg. with high and low rates of travel of the load screw. Mould made frame Gun-metal / Brass, 150mm internal dia x 175mm high, with perforated base plate and extension collar 50mm high. Penetration piston, face dia 50mm with adjustable bracket for penetration dia gauge. Circular metal space disc, 148mm dia x 47.7mm high, with detachable handle. Annular metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147mm dia with 53mm dia central hole. Slotted metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147 mm dia with 53 dia slot. Perforated plate made of Gun-metal / Brass 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut and a metal tripod for dia gauge. Cutting collar, Rammer 2.6 kg. weight with drop of 310mm. Rammer 4.89 kg. with drop of 450mm. Supplied without proving ring and dial gauge.
SOIL 104
California Bearing Ratio Apparatus (Motorized)
Similar to the hand operated model but supplied with bench mounting type 5000kgf. capacity load frame motorized, in place of load frame hand operated. The lead screw of the load frame has a single constant rate of travel of 1.25 mm/min.
Accessories for Laboratory C.B.R. Apparatus :
High sensitivity Proving Ring 3000kg. capacity with calibration chart and carrying case. Dial Gauges 2 Nos. 0.01mm x 25mm. Annular metal weight 5 kg. 147mm dia with 53 mm dia. central hole. Slotted metal weight, 5 kg. 147mm dia with 53 mm dia slot.
SOIL 105
Standard Compaction Test
The apparatus consists one each of Compaction Mould Gun Metal, 100 mm I.D. x 127.3 mm height x 1000 cc. volume, complete with collar and base plate. Rammer 2.6 kg x 310 mm controlled fall.
SOIL 106
Heavy Compaction Test
Instrument consists one each of : Compaction Mould, Gun Metal, 150 mm I.D. x 127.3 mm height volume 2250cc. complete with collar and base plate. Rammer 4.89 kg x 450 mm controlled fall for heavy compaction test according to IS 2720 (Part - VIII).
Note: Instead of Gun-metal moulds, steel moulds are also available.
SOIL 107
Compression Proving Rings
Proving rings are used for load measurements and are used in outfits of a number of Soil / Cement & Bitumen Testing Equipments like Direct Share Test Apparatus, Triaxil Share Test Apparatus, CBR Test, Unicontained Test, Marshall Test etc. They are made out of special steel carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined to give highest sensitivity combined with stability to ensure long life and accuracy. When Compressive or tensile load is applied within the elastic range, the proving rings get temporarily deformed. This deformation is measured by a sensitive dial gauge fixed co-axially at the center of proving ring. The dial gauge readings thus obtained versus load applied enable the operator to find out unknown load, just by noting the dial gauge reading for unknown load. The proving rings have high elasticity and on removing load they regain their original shape provided they are loaded in their elastic limits.

A Dial gauge and plunger anvil are mounted on brackets clamped to the ring body. The dial gauge is held perfectly rigid without the remote chance of shifting due to inadvertent shocks or pressures exerted on it. The dial gauge plunger rests on an adjustable anvil. Proving Rings , from 50 kg to 1,00,000kg capacity provided with 1/2 inch B.S.F female threads. Loading bosses and a loading ball nipple and steel ball are supplied with each rings. Rings of capacity over 25000kg (or 25 Tonnes) are not thus threaded. Each ring is individually calibrated and supplied with works calibration chart and a carrying case.
Calibration charts from Standard Laboratories for the Proving Rings ordered are also available at extra cost.
All Proving Rings are Integral Type.
Integral type Compressive Proving Rings of different capacities from 50kgf to 200000kgf are available.
(a) Above cap. 50 to 500kg.
(b) Above cap. 500 to 3000kg.
(c) Above cap. 3000 to 5000kg.
(d) Above cap. 5000 to 10000 kg.
(e) Above cap. 10000 to 20000 kg.
(f) Above cap. 20000 to 30000kg.
(g) Above cap. 30000 to 50000 kg.
(h) Above cap. 50000 to 100000 kg.
(i) Above cap. 100000 to 200000 kg.
(j) Above cap. 200000 to 300000 kg.
SOIL 108
Tension And Compression Type Proving Ring
Tension Compression Proving Rings are having standard 1/2" (BSF Threads) and for measuring tension, 2 Nos. tension rods having male threads at both ends are supplied.
For measuring loads in compression these tension rods are removed and the ring can be used in usual way. Works calibration charts for tension and with each ring. Supplied complete with tension rods in a carrying case.
Note : We can also supply the following Proving Rings:
1. Tension cum compression proving ring up to 10,000kg capacity.
2. Double proving Rings.
SOIL 109
Cone Penetrometer
For determining the Liquid Limit of soils. This is specially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results for those soils which have low plasitcity index. The percentage moisture contents determined when cone with half angle of 15-30 minutes under a total sliding weight of 148 gm penetrates 25 mm gives the Liquid Limit.
SOIL 110
Consolidation Apparatus
The standard outfit comprises of the following items. Loading unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm sq. having a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ratio of 1:1, the whole assembly being mounted on a sturdy steel frame stand. The loading unit is so designed that it can be used for consolidation cells of different diameters as well as different dia floating ring type consolidation cells. Fixed ring type consolidomenter (Odeometer) cell assembly for testing 60 mm dia x 20 mm thick specimen comprising: Fixed ring for specimens 60 mm dia x 20 mm thick with guide ring. Top and Bottom Porous stones for 60 mm dia specimen. Perforated Pressure pad, Channeled base with water inlet and Gasket. Flanged water Jacket, water reservoir with plastic tube and pinch cock. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/cm.sq. on 60 mm dia specimen, comprising: 7 Nos. 0.05 kg/, 5 Nos. 0.1 kg/, 6 Nos. 0.2 kg/, 6 Nos. 0.5 kg/, and 5 Nos. 1.0 kg/
Supplied complete as above but without dial gauge.

Accessories : Dial Gauge 0.002 mm x 10 mm. Extension piece, 40 mm long. Test forms pad of 50 for Consolidation Test Plot" Test forms pad of 50 for one Dimensional Consolidation.
Optional Accessories : Varying head stand pipe, 50 cms. long with mm.scale.
Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50 mm dia x 20 mm thick specimens complete with fixed ring guide ring, pair or porous stones, perforated pressure pad, channelled base, gasket and flanged water jacket.
Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/, on 50 cm. dia specimens.
Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 70 mm dia x 20 mm thick specimens, complete with accessories as above.
Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/, on 70 cm. dia specimens.

Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 100 mm dia x 25 mm thick specimens, complete with accessories as above.
Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/, on 100 cm. dia specimens.

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