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Oil / Petroleum Testing Instruments

OPT 1711
Kinematic Viscometer Bath
This viscometer bath is used to maintain the correct constant temperature for estimating kinematic viscosity of oils and petroleum products. The tank is made out of high grade SS. This tank is fitted with toughned Glasses in the front & rear sides to give a clear view of specimens kept inside. Temperature is controlled by precision contact thermometer or Digital electronic temperature controller from 5C above room temp. up to 99C with an accuracy of 0.1C. All controls are provided on front side panel for easy operation. A FHP motor driven stirrer provided for circulation of water in the bath. Suitable to operate on 220 V A, 50 Hz mains. Available in following two chamber sizes:
1) 12"x9"x12" (can accomodate 4 viscometers)
2) 12"x12"x12"(can accomodate 6 viscometers)
OPT 1712
Conradson Carbon Residue Apparatus
It is used to determine the amount of carbon residue when an oil is evaporated under specified conditions. The carbon residue values of crude oil, residue etc. are useful in the manufacture of various lubricants. The apparatus consists of spun sheet iron crucible of 25cc capacity, sheet iron hood and sheet iron block on a stand with triangular wire and gas burner. Available in single test and four test models.
OPT 1713
Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus
Used for detecting the presence of corrosive sulphur in petroleum products.The apparatus consists of a bath either dual purpose (50C & 100C) or a boiling bath (100C only) without stainless steel bomb and copper strips of definite size 6 bombs or 18 test tubes can be accomodated in each type of bath. Provided with energy regulator. Suitable to operate on 220 volts AC. mains.
Also available with digital temperature controller and indicator.
OPT 1714
Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus
Used to determine the vapour pressure of volatile non-viscous Petroleum products except liquefied petroleum gases. The Vapour pressure bomb is made up of brass heavily Chromium plated and consists of an air chamber and a gasoline chamber of definite dimensions and volume ratio. A pressure gauge of required range is fitted above the air chamber. The joints are made leak proof by neoprene washers. The water bath used is of such dimensions that the vapour pressure bombs may be immersed to at least 1 inch above the air chamber and maintained at a constant temperature range upto 100C 2C. Provided with FHP stirrer. Available in single test, two test, four test and six test models. Bomb optional.
OPT 1715
Rams Bottom Carbon Residue Apparatus
It is used to determine the amount of Carbon deposit when an oil is evaporated under specified condition. The apparatus consists of a solid metal bath having 6 wells to accommodate cocking bulbs with heating elements around the bath. The temperature can be controlled by an energy regulator. 6 cocking bulbs are supplied with apparatus.
Also available with digital temperature controller and indicator.
OPT 1716
Engler Viscometer Apparatus
Used for determining the Viscosity of lubricating and fuel oils in accordance with continental emulsions. It consists of Stainless steel water bath having oil cup with double walled lid. The water bath has a stirring device mounted on stand. A thermometer clip is fixed to the water bath and the oil cup lid has a thermometer socket. The bath is fitted with 500 watts heater. Temperature can be varied using the energy regulator. It is supplied with wooden or ebonite valve to fit the jet. It runs on 220 Volts AC, 50Hz mains. Glass accessories not included.
Also available with digital temperature controller and indicator.
OPT 1717
Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus)
This apparatus is meant for determination of softening point of Bituminous materials according to IP 58 and IS 1205-1958. Softening point is that temperature at which the specimen under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall a required distance under test condition. The apparatus consists of glass beaker, ring stand, two steel balls with ring and ball guides. Available with an electric motorized stirrer, an electric heater with temperature regulator.
OPT 1718
Drop Point Apparatus
This is used for determining drop point of greases as per IP 31,132 & ASTM-D-566. It is an indication of the critical temperature of the solid or semi solid to the liquid state. The apparatus consists of brass sleeve and case with metal cup and a glass boiling tube with cork fitted to a bath (Beaker) is provided. A stirrer is also provided in the bath. It is provided with FHP Motorized stirrer and electrical heater with energy regulator control.
OPT 1719
Bomb Calorimeter
It is used for determination of heat of combustion, calorific value and sulphur contents of solid and liquid fuels. Complete set is provided with one SS bomb of 300 cc capacity, one SS crucible, jacket, calorimeter vessel, motorized stirrer, firing unit, briquette press, pressure gauge with copper pipe connection and digital thermometer 0.01C Div. and operation manual.
OPT 1720
Melting Point Apparatus
This Apparatus determines the melting point of variety of products. It consists an aluminium block accepting 3 capillaries & a thermometer. It has a built in electric heating element. The temperature is controlled by energy regulator. Maximum temperature can be 350C. An adjustable lens is provided for viewing exact melting point.
Also available with digital temperature indicator.

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