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MICR 2401
Monocular Dissecting Microscope
A unique base is designed for greater stability & beautiful look, Equipped with joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lens over the stage allowing the whole stage are to be scanned. FOCUSSABLE BY RACK & PINION HAVING TWO EYE PIECES 10X, 20X Detachable rests oneither side of the stage provide a steading. Support for hands during fine dissecting Complete with wooden box.
MICR 2402
Student Microscope
Monocular body, tube inclinable up to 90 degrees. Mechanical tube length 160mm. Plain square stage of 120 x 120mm with two stage clips. Fitted with double lense condenser N.A.1.2 with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder. Plano concave mirror in fork mount. Triple revolving nose piece for quick change of magnification with accurate click stop for perfect parafocal alignment. Eye Pieces uygenian 10x & 15x. Parafocal achromatic objectives 10 x 45x/40x(S.L.) having total magnification 100x - 600x/675x . Complete in Thermocol Box.
MICR 2403
Inclined Pathological Microscopes
This Pathological Inclined Microscope is equipped with CO- AXIAL MECHANICAL STAGE.6 VOLT-20 WATT HALOGEN illumination, bright Field Abbe`s N.A. 1.2 movable Condensor & Monocular tube 360 degree Rotable having following optical combinations: OBJECTIVES "SELF" parafocal Achromatic objective 4x/5x, 10x,45x/40x(S.L.) & 100x Oil immersion with high numaical Aperture for greater resolution with Flatter fields. EYE PIECES : Wild field 10x, 15x Huygenian & 5x huygenian. Complete in Thermocol Box.

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