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PMAG 2301
Bar Magnet
Made of steel or Alnico, in pairs; spray painted, with keepers.
50x12x5 mm
75x12x5 mm
100x12x5 mm
150x19x7 mm
PMAG 2302
Cylindrical Magnets
Made of steel or Alnico, in pairs; spray painted, with keepers.
Size (LxD)
50x5 mm
75x5 mm
100x10 mm
150x10 mm
PMAG 2303
Horse Shoe Magnet
Made of steel or Alnico, spray painted, with keepers.
Size (LxWxH)
50x12x5 mm
75x12x5 mm
100x12x6 mm
150x12x6 mm
PMAG 2304
Magnetic Compass
In aluminum case. Available in following sizes (Dia.) 50mm, 75mm, 150mm, 200mm
PMAG 2305
Dip Circle
An accurately balanced magnetic needle, strongly magnetised, is fitted with hardened steel pivot working in jewels cup bearings. The needle can be easily removed for reversal. The inclination scale is of chrome brass graduated in degrees 0 to 90 four times. The case is made of non magnetic cast alloy, duco painted; has easily removable plate glass window & rotates fully on a heavy brass base, its rotation being measured by a brass chrome dial reading 0 to 360. It is fitted with levelling
screw & sprit level.
PMAG 2306
Deflection Magnetometer
It consists of a bakelite compass box, 100 mm dia, with aluminium dial graduated in degrees 0 to 90 four times, anti parallax mirror slot & replaceable steel pivot. The short magnetic needle has a jewel bearing & a light aluminium pointer designed for precise reading & maximum damping. One meter long single piece wooden nicely polished base with embedded two half meter scale reading from the centre of compass box i.e. zero at centre of both the scales.
PMAG 2307
Vibration Magnetometer Box
To compare the magnetic moments of magnets & to determine moments of inertia etc. It Consists of a polished wooden box fitted with sliding glass door. The top of the case is slotted & carries a glass tube fitted with torsion head to support by means of a silk fibre, a brass stirrup to carry magnets etc. The base of box is fitted with a mirror strip, with a longitudinal index line. Internal dimensions of box 160 x 66 x 66 mm approx. Length of tube 140 mm approx. Stirrup 50 mm long & 45 mm high approx.
PMAG 2308
Magnetising and Demagnetising Solenoid
A helical coil 310 mm long of DCC copper wire mounted on a wooden board, number of turns marked, with one meter connecting cable, fuses, push switch compass & soft iron rod 350 x 10 mm. Internal dia of coil 25 mm approx. For use on 230 V mains supply.
PMAG 2309
Magnetic Balance Hibberts
Consists of a wounded coil 75mm dia carrying 5 amps. Two steel knife edges to support ball ended magnets. The Horizontal scale is 90 mm long & vertical scale 140 mm long & two terminals, all on wooden base 360 x 100 mm fitted with levelling screws. Balancing magnet
has adjustable mass attach to alter sensitivity of system; sliding cradle on vertical scale for second ball ended magnet with 2 riders, 5.1 & 10.2 mg.
PMAG 2310
Electric Bell Demonstration
To demonstrate the working of an electric bell. It consists of metal gong, dome and electromagnet. The gong strikes the dome when DC voltage of 6V to 12V is given to the electromagnet. Fitted on a laminated wodden board.

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