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Hydro Therapy Equipment

PSIO 701
Hydro Therapy Tank (T. Shape)
Full body `T` shape hydrotherapy tank for hydro-massage. The heavy gauge stainless steel tank, rests on 40cm (16") high tubular stand re-inforced with cross bars. Overall size of the tank is 190cm(75") x 185cm (73") x 93cm (37").
Width of the narrow portion of the tank is 91cm (36") and depth inside the tank is 48cm (19"). Comes with Two motorized electric turbine ejectors & aerators with turbine carriages and elevators, Digital Thermometer, adjustable Head-Rest, Body Stretcher and Sitting seat fitted with nylon cloth. Tank is fitted with Two water inlets, One overflow and one Drain fittings. Tank is finished bright inside & painted outside.
PSIO 702
Hydro Therapy Tank (Figure of `8`)
Full body hydrotherapy tank is fabricated out of 1.6 mm thick stainless steel sheet, tank is electrically welded and shape is modified figure "8". the overall dimensions are264cm x 195cm x 86cm high and inside dimension are lenght to inset 218cm, width upper part 180cm, width of middle narrow part 89cm, width of lower part 135cm and depth is 56cm. It is equipped with 2 turbine ejectors and elevators on ball bearing carriages, one digital thermometer, two water inlets, drain and overflow pipes and standard accessories.
PSIO 703
Hydro Therapy Tank (Rectangular)
The compact, rectangular design, full body tank for hydro massage. The hydrotherapy tank with polished interior measures : 200cm long x 100cm wide x 50cm deep from inside. Unit comes with One motorized electric turbine ejector and aerator with turbine carriage and elevator, Digital Thermometer, adjustable Head-Rest fitted with nylon cloth. Tank is fitted with Two water inlets, One overflow and One drain fittings. Tank is finished bright from inside & painted outside.
PSIO 704
Whirlpool Bath (For Arm, Foot & Lower Leg)
Heavy gauge stainless steel tank sturdily fabricated and bright finished. Provides effective hydro-massage of arms, hips, legs, knees and feet. Mounted on heavy duty 10cm dia four ball bearing castors. Comes complete with removable inside aluminium Seat & Arm rest. Unit is fitted with a motorized turbine ejector and aerator on a spring loaded turbine elevator, digital thermometer, thermostate & immersion heater. Provided with drain pipe for emptying.
Inside measurements of tank 90cm long x 50cm wide x 70cm deep. No plumbing required.
PSIO 705
Whirlpool Bath (Large Size)
This whirl-pool is long, shallow & accessible to fit a variety of individual needs. Designed to treat the entire body, the unit can be beneficial for those suffering from Hip & Back conditions as well as upper Back, Neck & Shoulder problems.The heavy gauge stainless steel tank size: 120cm x 60cm x 60cm, is fitted with one motorized turbine ejector and aerator, digital temerature indicator cum controller and heater. Mounted on heavy duty 10cm dia wheels. Drainage system provided for emptying.
Power Supply: 220V AC.
Construction: 1.6mm thick Stainless Steel Sheet Tank is continuously welded with Argon Gas Arc welding & mounted on 10cm dia. 4 heavy duty casters.
Turbine: Turbine Ejector-Aerator is powered by a vertically mounted 1/2 hp elc. motor & mounted on a spring loaded turbine elevator for height adjust.
Size: 120cm x 60cm x 60cm inside the Tank.
Water Heater: 2kw. special Heater, with cover.
Temperature Control: Digital Temprature Controler cum Thermometer.
PSIO 706
High Chair (For use with Whirlpool Bath)
Used with Whirlpool Baths for Lower Leg & Foot hydro Massage. Broad based tubular steel frame chair is fitted with foam padded, revolving, Seat and Back for height adjustment. Height is adjustable from 80cm to 100cm. Comes with rubber treaded foot step. Fitted with four wheels of 5cm dia. Finished oven baked.
PSIO 707
Low Chair (Adjustable)
Used with Whirlpool Baths for arm and hand hydro massage. Revolving Seat is adjustable in height from 40cm to 55cm. Painted tubular steel construction, fitted with upholsteres seat and back.

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