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PHET 2001
Ring and Ball
To demonstrate the expansion of a metal ball due to heat. Consists of a brass ball and a brass ring fitted to an insulated handle. The ball passes through the ring at room temperture but does not pass through the ring on being heated.
PHET 2002
Searls Surface Tension Balance
Approximately 275 mm length with cast metal bridge mounted on tripod stand adjustable for height & having a levelling knurled head screw fitted on one foot. The bridge has raised end pieces to which are screwed small metal blocks securing either end of a plated steel torsion wire. One block disc is slotted to facilitate adjustment for torsion of the wire by means of screw passing through the end piece. At the centre of the wire, a small clamp is fitted carrying a light weight metal pointer with an adjustable counterpoise. From a notch near the tip of the pointer is suspended a small weight pan with a hook fitted to its underside, to hold either wire frame 80 x 25 mm or a metal clip carrying a glass microscope slide 75 x 25 x 1.5 mm
PHET 2003
Surface Tension Apparatus Jaeger
Used for determination of relative surface tensions, or after calibration with a liquid of known surface tension for determination of that of an unknown. Complete with tap funnel, having ground glass funnel to fit the 500 ml filter flask with side arm manometer, 500 ml
beaker as bath, tube 150 x 30 mm with stirrer & three jets of different sizes. All glass parts made from corning glass
PHET 2004
Capillary Tubes Apparatus
A 90 mm high metal frame having trough of 115 x 40 x 10 mm size. Frame having 6 holes fitted with corks. Through which pan capillary tubes of different bore; 150 mm in length.
PHET 2005
Kinetic Theory Model
The apparatus consists of a clear perspex tube 380 mm long & 50 mm outer diameter provided with a light, freely sliding expanded polystyrene piston & a loose fitting metal cap. The tube is mounted by means of a bayonet type fitting in a metal cap, upon a polished wood motor housing 170 x 170 x 130 mm. A low voltage DC motor is contained in the housing & is coupled to crank driven agitator. The push rod of the agitator carries a light plastic piston which oscillates in the lower end of the tube. The apparatus is supplied complete with 3 mm diameter metal spheres & four cardboard loading discs.
PHET 2006
Smoke Cell
For demonstrating Brownian motion. Designed for use with a microscope. A short cylindrical cell, closed by a cover glass, is held vertically in an opaque channel 90 x 90 x 30 mm. Illumination is by an integral filament bulb & cylindrical glass lens. The cell enables Brownian motion to be observed for at least 15 minutes after charging the cell with smoke. Fitted with 4 mm socket terminals for connection with 12V supply.
PHET 2007
Air Pump
Single action Pump made of brass with oiled silk valves cylinder 200 x 32 mm. Plate 175 mm diameter with stopcock, & inlet screw fitted on teak wood polished base.
PHET 2008
Bar and Gauge
A casted brass gauge with wooden handle, sliding fit over ends of bar & with hole 12.5 mm bore in both arms & a mild steel bar 110 x 12.5 mm with wooden handle.
PHET 2009
Bar Breaking Apparatus
To show force of contraction or expansion. A heavy cast iron base with 4 uprights, on one end of which is fitted a hand nut, the other drilled with holes to carry a cast iron rod of 75 x 6 mm size bearing against narrow flats.
Overall size 330 x 60 x 60 mm with 12 cast iron breaking rods.
PHET 2010
Expansion Apparatus
Comprising two iron casted stand of 180 mm height joined by two chrome plated rods, with an expansion rod, length 380 mm, fixed on one stand & resting on a Friction pointer
placed at the other. With graduated scale 0-90 with 3 expansion bars of Iron, Aluminium, & Brass.

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