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Electrical Testing Instruments

ELEC 2011
Portable Ammeters or Voltmeters
Portable Ammeters and voltmeters are designed for use in the field test rooms and laboratories, where precise measurement is required. These portable Instruments can be used equally well in educational institutions, where there is possible misuse; and in factories, where these instruments are important for making calibration check on switchboard panel instruments. General features:
Knife edge pointer and Anti-parallax mirror scale
Shock resistant pivot jewel movement. The pivots are made from carbon steel hard chrome plated and are mounted on spring loaded sapphire jewels. This ensures shock resistance due to vibrations in transit and minimum friction during use.
Accuracy class 1.0% as per IS:1248
Wooden case with Bakelite Top
Wide window for easy reading
Quick response due to unique damping
Scale Length 150mm(approx)
Insulation Resistance Over 20 megaohms at 500 VDC
Sensitivity 1000 ohms/V for DC Meters
Test Voltage 2000V AC (rms)for 1 minute
ELEC 2012
Portable Wattmeter
Housed in wooden boxes with bakelite top and handle for easy portability. Various models available for use in single phase and three phase balanced and unbalanced load. Available in Single Current-Single Voltage, Double Current-Double Voltage, and Double Current-Tripple Voltage.
ELEC 2013
Insulation Tester (Meggers) Hand Driven Generator Type
This is a compact, portable self-contained Instrument which is used for direct reading of insulation resistance of electrical installations and apparatus. The Insulation tester is composed of a hand driven A.C. generator and a high sensitivity cross-coil Indicator. The indicating movement is of the cross coil ratio type and is designed so that voltage fluctuation, caused by irregular cranking have no influence on the results of measurement. The AC Magnet hand generator drive is extremely smooth and silent. There are no carbon brushes and commutators, to be replaced as in DC generators. The quick response saves the time and extend the life of the generator. Available in various ranges from 10 to 500 Mega Ohms.
ELEC 2014
Insulation Tester (Meggers) Transistorised
These have been designed with a view of stronger and rugged construction of individual components, which have been tested by us for last so many years, and thus ensuring longer life of the instrument. The size and weight of this model has been considerably reduced with a view of making the instrument more handy. The indicating Instrument is specially protected seperately in a moulded case to prevent damages from dust at the time of servicing. The indicating instrument has knife edge pointer and Anti-parallax mirror scale for ensuring accurate readings. Single person operation push button control, no troublesome cranks to turn, usage of standard 1.5 volts pencil cells are all the special features.
ACCURACY : (+/-)5% of indicated value.
WORKING PRINCIPLE : A push pull oscillator is used to convert DC voltage to AC, which is stepped up and further rectified to give the test voltage which is DC. A sensitive movement is used to detect the change in current due to insertion of resistance in the circuit. Available in various ranges from 10 to 500 Mega Ohms.

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