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Cement / Concrete Testing

CEMT 1061
100 to 150mm long steel blade with straight edges.
CEMT 1062
Vee Bee Consistometer
The instrument is used for workability as well as consistency for fresh concrete. A slump cone and a graduated rod supplied with the instrument helps the operator to find out slump values and Vibration Table with container and acrylic disc is used to find out workability of concrete expressed in Vee Bee degrees, which is defined as the time in seconds to complete required vibrating at which the fresh concrete flows out sufficiently to come in contract to the entire face of acrylic disc.
The equipment consists of : A Vibrating Table size 380mm long and 260mm wide, resting upon elastic support at a height of about 305mm above the floor, complete with start/stop switch, cord and plug. A holder is fixed to the base into which a swivel arm is telescoped with funnel and guide sleeve. The swivel arm is also detachable from the vibrating table. A graduated rod is fixed on a swivel arm and its end a plastic disc is screwed. The division of scale on the rod record, the slump of the concrete in millimeters, supplied complete with a sheet metal container with lifting handles which can easily be fixed to the Vibrating Table. A slump cone open at both ends with lifting handles and a Tamping rod of size 16mm dia and 600mm long, rounded at one end.
CEMT 1063
Vibrating Machine
Also called Mould Vibrator Or Mortar Cube Vibrator.
Concrete moulds are easily cast by using a tamping bar or a vibrating table. However air tapped in cement mortar paste can not be thus removed while casting cement mortar moulds. Easy method is to impart greater vibration of lesser amplitude to the mould while casting. This is achieved in a vibrating machine. Vibration machine is used for the preperation of mortar cubes for the determination of compression strength of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement, low heat portland cement, portland bleast furnace cement and high alumina cements.
The machine consists of a vibrating frame assembly and an electric motor mounted on a sturdy base. The complete frame assembly consists of a vice to hold a 7.06cm cube mould and two studs threaded at top and a hopper to feed the sample in the mould. This assembly is supported on four springs and has an in built rotating shaft which rotates eccentrically and thus imparts vibrations to the entire frame. A balance weight is an intergral bottom part of the frame. The centre of gravity of the assembly is brought to the centre of the eccentric shaft or within a distance of 25mm mould. The frequency of vibration is 12000 400 vibration per minute. Supplied complete with on 7.06cm cube mould with loose base plate, a time switch 0-5mins x 1min and certificate of vibration from a standard laboratory.
Spares : Set of Springs, Belt and Belt guard.
CEMT 1064
Vicat Needle Apparatus
This instrument is used for determining the normal consistency and setting times of cement and 'A' Class limes.The apparatus consists of a metallic frame bearing a freely movable rod with a cap at top, one vicat mould, split type and glass base plate and one set of needles one each initial needle, final needle and consistency plunger.
CEMT 1065
Vicat Needle Apparatus With Dashpot
Same as above but in addition is fitted with a dash pot which facilitates gentle lowering of needles. Mild steel base plate 5 inches x 5 inches. Fulcrum mould, brass, 70mm 1.0 base dia x 60mm I.D. top dia, 40mm height.
CEMT 1066
Volume Change Apparatus
The instrument is used for determining the volume change of cement concrete. The apparatus comprises of one mould 100mm x 100mm 250mm, effective gauge length complete with base plate, Four reference pins, One length comparator frame, One stainless steel reference bar with insulated grip, and one dial gauge , 0.02mm x 10mm.
CEMT 1067
Vibrating Table
The Vibrating Table is used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders. It is designed to carry a load of 140 kg. The apparatus consists of a motor fitted with a variable pitch pulley housed in a cabinet. The vibrations are imparted by means of off-balance masses rotating on a shaft of a vibrator clamped to the underside of the table top. The table top is 50cm x 50cm. and has stops along its edges to prevent moulds from walking off the table during vibration. A cross arm adjustable on a vertical rod at the center of the table is provided to hold the moulds while operating the table. The variable pitch pulley arrangement permits the frequency to be varied steplessly between a maximum of 3600 vibrations per minute. A speed regulation handle is provided for increasing or decreasing the frequency. A switch is provided for starting the motor, suitable for operation on 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles,
Vibrating Tables of table top size 75cm x 75cm as well as 100cm x 100cm are also available.

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