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Cable Testing Instruments

CABL 3001
Digital Milli Ohm Meter
Measurement Range 0.1 milliohm to 200K ohm in 7 steps
199.9 milliohms, 1.999 ohms, 19.99 ohms, 19.99 ohms,
199.9 ohms, 1.999K ohms, 19.99K ohms, 199.9K ohms,
Accuracy 0.2%, 2 Digit (3 Digit), Mains Operated, LED Display.
CABL 3002
Million Megohm Meter
Million Megohm Meter is an ideal instrument for measuring high resistance and insulation. Since it applies a highly stable IC regulated H.T up to 500VDC across the element under test, it serves the purpose of a megger also. It measures the insulation resistance of the sample under stress by subjecting it to the voltage. It has a measuring range of 1 Megohm to 10 Million Megohms in six decade ranges and is capable of reading up to 10 Million Megohms (1015 Ohms) with accuracy operational amplifiers ensures low drift, low input bias current, highly stable performance. A separate HT-NORM-RX switch with amber colour lamp indication facilitates to link or de-link HT with terminal. The HT can also be across checked and set accurately in HT position by observing PSD and using fine and coarse H.T controls.
Measurement Range 1 Mohms to 10 Million Megohms in six ranges, Accuracy Within 5%
Test Voltage High Stable: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500VDC, adjustable accurately by Set H.T pot.
Overload Protection Input operation amplifier protected against accidental overload in first four ranges
Meter 200A moving coil type for good resolution
Power Supply 230V 10% at 50Hz
CABL 3003
High Voltage Breakdown Tester
High voltage breakdown tester are useful for measurement of breakdown (flashover) voltage of electrical components, insulation materials instruments, transformers, etc. can be used to ascertain quality of insulation material before planning their usage in electrical applications. The front panel incorporates all controls for operation of the unit. Easy to use test probes with micro-switch supplied to connect the output high voltage to the device under test.
Open Circuit Voltage 0 to 5 KV OR 0 to 10 KV AC.
The above voltage can be continuously varied from zero to full value and is continuously monitored by Digital Panel meter.
Test Current 3 mA to 30 mA OR 3 mA to 100 mA
Accuracy Of Reading 2%
Power Requirements 230 volts AC, 10%, 50/60 Hz
CABL 3004
Digital Cable Fault Locator
Digital Cable Fault Locator is a precision instrument, easy to use, which provides spontaneous display of the location of break in pair wires and cables. Unlike conventional cable fault locators in which a lengthy procedure of obtaining a null point in a galvanometer and then computing the faulty length of cable is to be gone through, here the faulty cable is just to be connected, one setting to be made and location of fault in terms of total length directly read on display upto a resolution of 0.1%.
Display: 3 Digit bright LED display.
Resolution: 0.1%.
Power: 220 V AC 10%.
CABL 3005
Thermal Stability Test Apparatus
Thermal Stability Test Apparatus is used to measure/ check Thermal stability of PVC insulation & sheath of Electric cables as per IS:5831.
Measures Thermal stability time in minutes required to change the pH value of 5 to 3 of a universal indicating pH paper placed in a glass tube containing sample and heated in a thermostatically controlled heating chamber at specified temp. of 200C 0.5C.
New Model incorporates a specially designed heating block which eliminated use of expensive silicone oil as in a conventional model.
CABL 3006
HV Spark Tester
HV Spark Tester is designed for checking the quality of pvc coated or insulated wire online manufacturing unit. The insulated wire is passed through brass ball chains which are carrying high voltage. If any pinhole or fault comes in insulated wire, the spark develops and electromagnet counter counts the fault. The spark tester is therefore necessary for every cable manufacturing unit. Our spark testers upto 15 KV are air cooled (there after for higher capacity transformer is oil cooled and control panel air cooled).
CABL 3007
Kelvin Double Bridge
Range 0.2 ohm to 11 ohm
It is a standard testing instrument for accurate measurement of very low resistances such as shunts, copper & aluminum conductors or wire and specific resistance determinations of heavy distribution transformers. The bridge comprise 10 steps of standard resistance of X 0.01 ohms and a circular slide wire having total resistance of 0.01 ohm & divided into 500 equal parts so that each division correspond to 0.00002 ohm (or 20 micro-ohm). It is also provided with 5 multiplier ranges of X 0.001, X 0.1, X 1, X 10 & 100 so that the overall range becomes 0.2 Micro-ohm to 11 ohms. Provided with built in compensation arrangement for taking into consideration self resistance of leads from bridge to test object. Complete with one standardized set of 8 leads for interconnections. All standard resistance coils used inside are of Aged Manganin wire or strip so that overall accuracy of 0.05 % is achieved. This model is mostly used in wire & cable industries & conforms to IS : 694 & 1554 & hence it is also named as Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge.
Extra Accessories:
a) DC source of 10 Amps
b) Spot Reflecting Galvanometer
c) Conductivity attachment of 1M length for holding sample
CABL 3008
Digital Capacitance Unbalance Meter (Digital RC Unbalance Meter)
Digital R-C Unbalance Meter for communication cables. It has been shown that there are some losses resulting from the cable manufacturing process which affects the intelligibility of the telephone circuit. These are caused by the unbalances in the cable pairs which not only affect the uniformity of the line but it also makes the lines susceptible to induction from other sources such as power line harmonics, ground line, voltage noise, etc.
The degree of balance in communication circuit determines how susceptible the circuit will be to induce noise voltages. This R-C Unbalance Meter will be very useful for direct measurement of capacitance unbalances in the cable pairs. The instrument can measure resistance unbalance also. The pairs can be tested for capacitance and resistance unbalances in different configurations which are selected by a rotary switch. The Unbalance Meter is designed in such a way that it will not be sensitive to the effect of indirect couplings. This Digital R-C Unbalance Meter meets the long felt requirement of telecom cable industry. The instrument confirms to international specifications and yet is priced less than half of comparable instruments available in the international market.
Measurement Parameters:
  Resitance Unbalance DR1, DR2, DR3
  Capacitance Unbalance
  Pair to pair K1, K2, K3
  pair to ground E1, E2, E3
Measuring Ranges:
  Resistance Unbalaces - 19.99% to +19.99%
  Capacitance Unbalances - 1999 to + 1999 pF &
in two ranges. -19.99 to + 19.99 nF
Indication: 3 Digit Panel Meter with sign
  Resistance Unbalance 0.01%
  Capacitance Unbalance 1 pF
Test Voltage:
  Resistance Unbalance 2 VDC
  Capacitance Unbalance 6 VAC
  with switchable frequencies 800 Hz & 1 KHz
Minimum Loop Resitance: 1 Ohm
Selection of Parameters: By means of rotary switch on front panel
Power Supply: 230 V 15%, 50 Hz
CABL 3009
Ageing Oven
Thermoplastic and Elastromeric insulation & sheath exposed to heat are subjected to many types of physical and chemical changes. The severity of exposures, both in temp & time, determines the extend & type of change that takes place. This test makes an assessment of change in tensile strength and elongation of materials on subjecting them to accelerated ageing in air.
Oven designed to provide 8-20 changes of air per hour, at controlled temperature and extended duration up to 72 hours or longer. Hydraulic thermostat for an accuracy better than 2C.
Conforms to IS:10810 (Pt-II), IS:5831
Facility for fixing hour meter.
Also available four chamber model with individual rotatometer, digital/PID controller & hour meter for bulk testing.
CABL 3010
Digital Clamp Meter
DISPLAY: 3999 Counts.
DCV: 0.4 / 4 / 40 / 400V 0.8%, 1000V 1.0%
ACV: 4 / 40 / 400V 1.0%, 700V 1.2%
DCA: 400 / 1000V 3.0%
ACA: 400 / 1000V 3.0%
RESISTOR: 400 / 4k / 40k / 400k / 4MOhm 1.0%, 40MOhm 2.0%
CAP: 4n / 40n / 400n / 4 F 4.0%
FREQUENCY: 40Hz to 100kHz 2.0%
TEMPERATURE: -40C to 750C 1.0%
DUTY CYCLE: 0.1% to 99.9%
POWER: BATTERY 6F22 ( 9V ) x 1

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