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Being ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems certified binds us to adopt international quality standards. It also helps us in identifying areas for improvement and supports our effort to fulfill rising customer needs. A certified Quality System supports our pledge to improve the quality of our business performance. The widespread adoption of International Standards by us means that we base the development of our products and services on specifications that have global acceptance in their sectors.
We guarantee HIGH QUALITY at LOWEST PRICES. All instruments and machines exported by us undergo various rigorous quality checks. Our team of qualified quality professional experts checks all the instruments at various stages of production and packaging ensuring that the final products match all specifications and standards laid down by our customers. The quality of our products and service has been deeply appreciated by all our customers across globe. It is our commitment to HIGH QUALITY at LOWEST PRICES that is helping us to grow exponentially.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the following:

  • HIGH-QUALITY products and services at LOWEST PRICES
  • The highest level of customer service before, during & after the sale
  • Timely delivery of all customer orders

Order Handling

  • We review all inquiries & orders to make sure that we can meet customer requirements.
  • We contact the customer to advise if we cannot meet any requirements.
  • We assign a promise date for the orders that cannot be shipped at once.
  • If the goods cannot be shipped by this date we contact the customer with a new promise date.

Product Handling, Storage, Packaging, & Delivery

  • We have strict methods and procedures of handling items that prevent damage.
  • We have safe methods of storing items that prevent damage and deterioration.
  • We have methods of packaging items that prevent damage and deterioration.
  • We control perishable items to assure that they will not deteriorate.
  • We maintain a “first in, first out” (FIFO) system of stock for those items requiring this.


Scientific Goods

Medical Instruments

Industrial Instruments
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We Reserve The Right To Change The Design & Specifications Of The Instruments Without Notice.
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